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Introduction to Scripting Course

What is the aim of the course?

  • It aims to raise participants’ effectiveness in managing or participating in automation.  
  • It focuses on the use of scripting to provide quick, effective solutions to specific needs
  • It assumes little programming knowledge
  • It provides learning by example and is practical, to promote confidence and provide a platform for personal development in this area

What will participants learn?

  • What can be expected from scripting
  • The core programming concepts, in order to create your own basic scripts, understand and maintain other scripts
  • How to “glue” other software components together to achieve quick functional outcomes
  • The use of VBScript to create functionality - how to manipulate and create files, how to access external program components, and an example of how to manipulate a browser

How is the course material presented?

  • The material is presented through a lecture, hands-on exercises, and interactive discussion.
  • The course notes contain the presentation material, examples, and references to other source material.
  • Attendees can reference their specific work situations in the interactive sessions, to provide workplace relevance to the learning.

Who can benefit from the course?

  • Anyone responsible for planning, managing or conducting task automation and requiring more technical insight regarding simple creation of utilities, toolsmithing, and scripts.
  • This includes software testers and test managers, developers, system administrators and development managers.
  • It is suitable for beginner to intermediate experience levels.

About the course

  • $745 per person (GST included)
  • 1 day workshop, 8:45 to 5:00
  • Small groups (max 12) for individual attention
  • A laptop with Windows is required
  • Available as a public course (see the schedule) or as an in-house course on your premises

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